Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Better Choices are Better for Me!

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Jimmy Dean, however the opinions and feelings expressed here are my own

As part of making much needed lifestyle changes in my own life, many of my readers know that I've kicked off my "Weight and See" journey...my goal of losing 250lbs. I'm almost 70lbs down and moving forward. So much of this journey involves making better choices in the foods I eat. For me this can be a bit frustrating as I don't have a lot of time in the morning to prepare a hearty breakfast that includes everything I need in order to fuel the busiest part of my day. I don't like milk, so eating cereal becomes an exercise in waste because I end up tossing the left over milk. This also leaves me seriously lacking in my protein goals for the day. Early morning is usually when I try and get in the most intense of my workouts for the day which includes aerobics, swimming and usually more than 35 minutes spent on the elliptical machine. I really need my morning meal to not only be tasty, but easy to prepare, nutritionally balanced and filling!

As we move towards the new year, I want to seriously kick up and intensify all of the changes I'm making...permanent lifestyle changes that will lead not only to a thinner, healthier me, but a happier me, in every aspect of my life. Spending more time working out, getting out of the house with my five year old daughter and truly enjoying my life! Spending an inordinate amount of time fixing breakfast and then trying to figure out how many calories are in it and whether or not I've met my protein goal (protein is vitally important as it aides in the production and repair of muscle...muscle which is sometimes stressed or even damaged during intense workouts. If you aren't getting adequate protein in your diet, your body may use it's protein stores as fuel rather than for building and repairing muscle.), is more than I have time for.

Trying to balance my time and nutritional needs has been stressful to say the least. Come on moms out there...we all know that the mornings are sometimes the most stressful part of our day! We've got little ones - or even not so little ones - that demand our time, we're trying to get them ready for the day and off to school, get ourselves ready to face the day. That's just one of the reasons I was so excited when I found Jimmy Dean D-Lights breakfast sandwiches and breakfast bowls!

I can get everything I need for under 300 calories whether it's a Turkey Bacon Bowl or a Turkey Sausage Reduced Fat Croissant - my personal favorite. I can pop the sandwich in the microwave and in less than two minutes I have 17 grams or protein in a really yummy sandwich that only has 290 calories. I usually have 8 ounces of fresh squeezed orange juice (110 calories - such a treat for me, but I love it!) and 5 small strawberries, for a total of under 500 calories! Most important, I haven't spent the better part an hour cooking or preparing something that would give me the same protein packed breakfast and be something I enjoy and don't end up pouring down the drain. Oh and did I mention it's really yummy? I love turkey sausage and I've been using Jimmy Dean's turkey sausage products for the last year. Regular sausage is not only filled with fat, but to me, it can be too highly seasoned and too salty! I don't find that to be the case with Jimmy Dean's turkey sausage products. Lower fat, full of protein and tasty all equal better for me!

Choices...real meaningful choices that lead to permanent change in order to live a healthier more enjoyable life that balances my need for time and nutrition, doesn't have to be difficult. I was so happy to find the Jimmy Dean Breakfast D-Lights. It's a good choice for me that fits in so well with my ultimate goal of a healthier, balanced and enjoyable life!

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